Friday, June 19, 2009

Pork BBQlossal

The pork board gave each team "pocket roasts" and asked us to prepare them for the public. This is a new economy cut that they wanted to introduce. I think it comes from the ham. It really wasn't a very good cut of meat and I made sure that I explained to everyone who came to our camp that this wasn't something I'd serve them if I had my choice.

Jeff working on a turn-in box.

Mark "Oly" working on ribs.

The 10th place hog. Our first BBQ paycheck!

The hog box. As I look at this photo I really can't believe we didn't get 6s on appearance. Looks amateurish and rushed - though it was probably the best we could do with our limited experience. Oh well, we must have gotten a inexperienced table of judges.  Scores were 988 - 887 - 777 - 988 - 799 - 899.

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Mike said...

Awesome pics and awesome results! Congratulations on your 10th place!