Friday, June 18, 2010

Skyrockets in flight...afternoon delight!

In 1976, the Starland Vocal Band made BBQ cool. Until then most people preferred boiled meats and jerkey to anything that would resemble what we have come to know as BBQ. Smoking meat hadn't been invented and most men, as a result of the feminist movement, didn't even know how to build a fire. Then everything changed. With a few words put in delicious harmony the world of modern BBQ was born. In not so coded language, the essence of smoked ribs and brisket was captured and released into the airwaves of post hippy America.

Skyrockets in flight
Afternoon delights...

The explosion was instantaneous. People began to venture outdoors in the afternoon and were delighted by what they were able to produce on what they called "grills." On a sunny day (June 18, 1976) soon after the song was released the Weber company decided to market an oversized baseball shaped beer cooler as a grill and the birth of the modern kettle grill was realized.

In honor of the 34th anniversary of BBQ, I have decided to partake in some afternoon delights of my own. I picked up some ribeyes at a local rural groceria and decided to throw a brisket and some pork butts on my pellet smoker. Here's to America and the American way. And I hope you have a chance to enjoy some afternoon delights of your own this weekend!

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What's in the pictures? Some type of bread?

Excellent way to cook a turkey with aturkey deep fryer